Mission to Lars

James Moore, William Spicer
Kate Spicer, Tom Spicer, William Spicer
Country: UK | USA Year: 2012 Duration: 74 mins Genre: Documentary
I was utterly won over . . . CHARMING, but not mawkish; entertaining, but also insightful.
The Film Review

The remarkable documentary Mission to Lars follows three siblings on their challenging quest to meet Lars Ulrich from the heavy metal band Metallica.

Kate Spicer is a journalist and William Spicer is a filmmaker. Their brother, Tom Spicer, suffers from a severe form of autism known as Fragile X syndrome, and has repeatedly stated "wanna meet Lars.". Acknowledging that they have never really bonded with their brother, Will and Kate make it their mission to take him to America to meet his hero.

The siblings fly to Los Angeles and hire a motor home to live in while following Metallica’s tour, but Kate and Will soon discover how little they know about their brother’s condition. Tom's need for routine and his anxiety in unpredictable social situations are just some of the challenges the siblings face during their exhausting journey. As frustration builds, they question both the reason behind their mission and whether the journey is too painful for Tom to continue.

Not only is this wonderful documentary a completely engaging and genuinely moving experience, but all profits made from the film are going to charity.


2012 Brisbane International Film Festival
2013 Chicago International Movies & Music Festival
2013 Sound on Screen Festival

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